Do You Want to Know How Much Water You Should Drink?

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drinking waterIn order to find out how much water you should drink to have a healthy functioning of your body and mind, you have to be introduced firstly to the importance of this element for your body. Just so you know, your brain is made of 75% water and the rest of the body of 55% to 65%. Now as you can see, there is a lot of water that your body depends on, so in order to have a perfectly functioning body, you have to ensure that you provide it the amount of water it needs.

At this point, you have to learn that various activities that your body performs will take around 2.5 liters of water and if you do some exercising, then the consumption of water will increase considerably.

Other factors that make your body lose water are: temperature, diarrhea, sweating and altitude. This is why you need to always consider replenishing your body water resources and not confront with dehydration. This condition can lead to arthritis, heart diseases, blood vessel clotting, and back pains.

Speaking of dehydration, here are some signs to indicate that your body is dehydrated:

  • Joint pains, stress, back pain, increased blood pressure, memory loss, stress, headache, asthma and problems at digestive system levels.
  • When the color of your urine is dark. With colorless urine you know that your body is hydrated.
  • Dry mouth indicates as well dehydration, but at this point you need to know that with aging the perception of thirst deteriorates, so you may not feel thirsty for longer periods of time. This is where you have to get used to having at least every one hour a glass of water.

As to how much water you need to drink, this will depend on the body weight, the climate and your daily activities. But generally speaking, you need to drink between 6 and 12 glasses of water per day. The right thing to do is to never let more than half an hour pass without sipping water. It is important that you always start the day with drinking at least one glass of water preferably with lemon juice. Keep in mind that after one night where you sleep for 7 or 8 hours your body must be quite dehydrated, so you have to give it the water that it needs.

Another thing that you have to do is to make it a habit of drinking one glass every 1 or 1 hour and a half throughout the day. Avoid drinking too much water while eating because it can interfere with the digestion process and enzymes existing in the intestines. This is where you can have a glass of water half an hour prior to your main meals and one hour after.

Drinking Tea and Healthy Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

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The Benefits of Tea and Juicing

green tea benefitsConsuming juices and several types of teas, especially the matcha and green tea, can help with improving your state of health, but among the plants that are known to help with many health issues, Camellia Sinensis proves to be one of the best. From this plant are the teas that we commonly know as black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong. Chinese people have promoted the benefits of these teas for more than four thousand years and with the recent times, these plants are under study in order to discover the benefits they bring to the human health.

Here it is what several studies have revealed about tea and juice consumption

Many studies have been conducted on elder people indicating that cognitive impairment manifests 50% with these people drinking two cups of green tea per day. This is also the effect of the high level of antioxidants contained in the tea.

The level of mental attentiveness is increased because the tea components that are not found with other plants bring changes at the level of attention networks that exist in the brain. These changes are mostly related to moving neurotransmitters while increasing alpha waves of the brain activity and in this way, your mind becomes more alert but in a balanced way.

Consuming black tea can reduce the level of stress hormones. It is known that with the presence of stress inside the body, the system releases cortisol that is a steroid hormone responsible for suppressing immune system of the body while increasing the level of blood sugar. If four cups of black tea are consumed daily, the production of cortisol will drop by 20%. This was also the result observed in accordance to studies conducted on people.

weight loss juicing recipesThe levels of bad cholesterol (aka as LDL – Low Density Lipo-protein) are reduced while helping with losing weight. This is again the result of studies conducted on people who drink green juices made of leafy vegetables and green tea (both decaf and caffeinated tea).

Metabolic rate is also increased with the consumption of green juices and tea. This happens due to the presence of enzymes in many juicing recipes for weight loss and  polyphenols with caffeine in the tea plant. They will produce more heat inside the body increasing as such the level of energy.

Another benefit that drinking green tea comes with is the increased rate of fat oxidation, improved sensitivity to insulin and tolerance to glucose.

Because green tea contains antioxidants it helps with improving the immune system, hence high resistance to diseases. Similar to teas, green and other detox juice recipes have similar benefits.  It is also the presence of theanine that helps with increasing the action of gamma delta T-cells responsible for fighting against infections, be they fungal or bacterial.

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